Plumbing And Heating Oxford And Oxfordshire

We are experienced plumbers. During many years of professional work we gained the knowledge of how the proper work should be done. We have excelled in fult finding, problems analysis and application of required remedies. Therefore we are capable of supplying high quality plumbing services in all domestic areas:

Our Plumbers Service Include

Please note: The test certificate is issued only as part of our work and we can not provide test certificates alone.

- as a separate service we offer Imaging and Thermal Imaging of plumbing systems. These are extremely helpful methods of leak detection, especially in confided areas where access for regular inspection is limited or impossible, i.e. inside walls, under floors, above ceilings also under bath tubes etc. Please find more details here.

Should you ave any questions, please contact us at: 07983 376531 or office number: 01865 741477

bathroom fitting and leaks problems
classic and vertical radiators
wet and electric underfloor heating